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gotta shake that feeling (and your nagging doubts)

Posted in Brenda Lee, covers, Shrapnelles on 08/27/2010 by zombiepublicspeaking

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blast had.

Posted in "rock", Ben, Brenda Lee, covers, David, Erin, Erin singing, Heaps, me on sax with tags , , on 08/17/2010 by zombiepublicspeaking

It’s like playing a bike horn . . .

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like my heart had been hit by an atomic bomb

Posted in "rock", Ben, Bloodspill, covers, Erin, Erin singing, Heaps on 07/02/2010 by zombiepublicspeaking

“Ladies, my number is 555-BLUD”

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I only seem to put nails in coffins

Posted in "rock", Ben, covers, Erin, Erin singing, Heaps, LIVE, originals, Pixies, songs by Mike, The Middle Initials, video with tags , , , , , on 02/22/2010 by zombiepublicspeaking

2 more videos of The HEAPS (& friends) from our most recent show, now with 500% more mutherfuckers

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have you bit the dog again? (it’s in me)

Posted in "rock", Ben, covers, Erin, Heaps, Pete & Pete, Pete & Pete themesong with tags , on 02/02/2010 by zombiepublicspeaking

“Starring Heaps and Heaps’ brother Heaps.”

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a transistor blasts

Posted in "rock", Ben, Bruce Springsteen, covers, Erin, Heaps with tags , on 01/28/2010 by zombiepublicspeaking

The HEAPS pay the cost to be The Boss

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“Begone long one!”

Posted in "experimental", "rock", Bros K., co-written by students, covers, Erin, Heaps, Mike, originals, Shrapnelles, songs by me, spontaneous collaboration with Franz, Vernon, Wilco on 12/09/2009 by zombiepublicspeaking

THIS WEEK: from the mouths of students

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