which seat in the bandwagon can I take?

Fun fun fun fun, you know what it is!

Last Friday, one week after Rebecca Black’s song “Friday” leaked to the internet and caught fire, The Heaps decided to give our friend Tets’ houseparty a treat at the end of our song “All Those Kids”:

(vox: Erin; guitar: David; drums: Ben; keyboards & backing vocals: me; song concept & melody: Matt)

The crowd liked it, but I think this was a one-time drop in.  Our next show will probably be in mid April and I’ll bet the “she said ‘sunday comes afterward’!” mania will have burned out by then.  The whole thing becomes less delightfully scorn-worthy when you consider that the inept songwriting came from the song’s opportunistic producers rather than a clueless 13 year old, and speaking of clueless, RB’s response to widespread internet derision was to release an acoustic performance video, as if it was the auto-tune that had everyone laughing and pointing.  Well, anyway, we were happy to jump in on minute 14 of that fame–the show was a blast and the country punk headliners Two Ton Strap were great!  Thanks to everyone who made it out!

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