aka George Michael Hel Yes

Party anthem mummy intrigue!

About half the songs The Heaps still play were written by our old guitarist Mike, many written after he stopped playing with the band himself.  Here is his latest skeezy composition, “Real Estate Agent,” or as the file he sent me was labeled, “George Michael Hel Yes”:

[vox: Erin; keyboards: David; drum machine: Franz; bass, inaudible backing vox: me]

I understand the “Hel Yes” part, but I’m still unsure where George Michael fits in.  This mysterious arrangement was improvised by the current line-up of the Heaps minus Ben (who was on the East coast) plus my brother/bandmate Franz.  Or you could think of it as the current line-up of the Great PYRMDS with special guests Erin and David.  Anyway, this song’s probably not going to become a band staple, but then again, I said that about Divorcee and Casual Encounters.

BONUS: Here’s a song I’m looking to revive into active rotation, “After the Afterparty”:

[improvised vox: Erin & Franz; keyboards: Matt; drums: Ben; scratchy guitar: me]

The challenge to bringing it back is that this is the only time we ever played it.  Like all of us, Erin was making it up as she went along, so she’ll have to relearn her own lyrics.

In Heaps news: we’re hoping to play another show in April, and I’m playing with the idea of us recording an EP of actual (home) studio recordings with the new line up since we haven’t put out a record since “Love Dinosaurs Forever.”  As for the Great PYRMDS, we did a lot of raw recording over the holidays that I haven’t cut yet, but we have a million times more material than space on our forthcoming first album, so when I have more time, we’ll cut that and then start thinking about what’s going to be on the second.

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  1. Hel yes! That is all.

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