a poem is a machine made out of words

Building songs from poems with The Great PYRMDS

When The Great PYRMDS recently invited some of our favorite people to make some music with us, Erin (of The HEAPS) had the idea to draw vocals from the anthology NEW PONY.  Here are two of those tracks:

“You See Where This Going,” which draws from “Warsaw” by Sommer Browning and Brandon Shimoda:

[vocals: Erin; some beats: Franz; other beats & synths: David; guitar & looping: me]

NEW PONY was itself the result of a call for collaborative works and responses to previous releases from Horse Less Press.  The Great PYRMDS used to be called The Bros. K, and are normally VJ Franz K & me, Milo Cantos of The HEAPS and The Shrapnelles.  David makes electronic music as Hyphen Jones and can also play guitar infinitely better than I can.

Here’s another one: “An Abandoned Shell,” which draws from “Insect Wildlife” by Erik Anderson:

[vocals: Erin; beats: Franz; synths: David; saxophone & looping: me]

Did I mention that Erin & I have a (less meandering, more titillating) song called “Cyrano d’Regiment” based on the late great avant-garde novelist Raymond Federman‘s “Take It Or Leave It“?  You can see a video of it in this post.


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