gotta shake that feeling (and your nagging doubts)

Submitted for your entertainment: a medley of songs sung by me with Elvis flavoring.  Those songs are “Before You Cry” by Camera Obscura, “Here Comes That Feeling” by Brenda Lee [recently covered by The Heaps w/ me on sax], “I’ll Follow You Into The Dark” by Death Cab For Cutie [an old Tia’s-request staple from the earliest Heaps line up], and “Death Cab For Cutie” by the Bonzo Dog Band [yes, the song that gave the name to that band]:

The Elvis impression here is deliberately dialed back from my award winning (!) electro-werewolf cover of “Don’t Be Cruel”–I love the ridiculous dynamics that pretending to be Elvis can yolk together, but subtlety is also key to a good Elvis impression.  Bonus trivia: it was the performance of “Death Cab For Cutie” by the Bonzo Dog Band in the Beatles “Magical Mystery Tour” movie that got me interested in interested in Elvis in the first place.  That explains a whole lot.

Details about the next Heaps show coming soon!


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