“looking for the gem in every stall”

a song about L.A. (again) co-written by my students (again)

Once again, I taught the class on L.A. to my Orange County students, and once again I decided to close out the quarter by having them write new verses for my song about favorite / least favorite So Cal freeway sections.  Here’s a recording of me playing the song for them on the last day of class (captured via my laptop’s built-in mic):

I had fun doing it, but I sort of think the previous class came up with better verses.

Last year around this time, I made lavish predictions about what I was going to do during the summer, and then I got so busy with other stuff that I didn’t do much musically until the fall.  This time I’ll say I don’t know–The Heaps may try to broaden our performance radius to Long Beach, The GREAT PYRMDS (aka The Bros K) may generate some more material in advance of our fall record release, and I may actually make some progress on The Shrapnelles’ ukulele album about Hercules.  Who know?  If something happens, you’ll hear about it here.  (In the meantime, there’s my tumblr of cinematic inanities.)


2 Responses to ““looking for the gem in every stall””

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