another party, another night, another blog

the Heaps go postpunk poodle skirt, plus for the first time ever, the internet will become the home for ridiculous decontextualized pictures from movies

It took a long time for me to give in and start a blog but now suddenly I have 2: to celebrate the christening of mugginbugeyes.tumblr, here’s the recently revamped “Dreadful Party”:

I wrote this song not that long before Erin joined The HEAPS and we played it at her first show with the group, albeit in a very different form (Erin played flute for the entire song, I was solo on the singing, Vernon played violin, Mike & I played guitar, and Sam guested on the conga drum because Ben wasn’t even in the area yet). I felt like the new arrangement was one of the highlights of our recent houseparty show (which also featured the new synth grinder “All Those Kids”), but the version here is from the penultimate practice before the show.

Anyway, why start another blog?  Well, you may have noticed that all the ZombiePublicSpeaking posts are introduced by some absurd screencapture from a movie or TV show–it’s yet another hobby of mine that I’d do even if I didn’t have an outlet for it on an original music mp3 blog (even though, yes, I’m always on the look out for pictures of people explicitly listening [or not listening], as well as groups of 3 people [to stand in for the [current] Heaps] or 2 people [to be my side projects with Erin (“The Pet Set”) or Franz (“The GREAT PYRMDS” aka “The Brothers K“)]).  Anyway, since I make screencaptures anyway–and I have specific visual interests (like eye popping, fake punches, blowing smoke)–Erin suggested I give them their own place to be displayed where likeminded cappers might, and so was born: http://mugginbugeyes.tumblr If you bother to read THIS blog, you might as well check out that one as well–it’s just 3 images a week, posted on Wednesdays, and will hopefully give you disproportional delight to the 10 seconds it takes to look at.  If you’re a tumblr’r yourself, follow me, I’ll follow you.  If you’re an RSS’er, there should be a link on the bottom of my tumblr page that will let you subscribe.  Hope you like it.


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