“I know the band that’s playing [Friday night] . . .”

” . . . they’re shiddy, but they’re QUIET”

Our houseparty show is on Friday!  We’re going to try to skirt noise regs so please come by 10pm if you’re going to so you can see us play before (/during) you get your fade on.  It’ll probably be the only show we play this quarter because of the busys. We’re bringing back some songs we haven’t played in 2 years, plus even some new surprises!  Be there or be not.

Here’s another track from our recent “Quiet Hour” Midnight-2am all-headphones band reunion session, the deathless Heaps classic, “Casual Encounters”:

This version sounds kind of like Yo La Tengo taking a crack at it during their annual call-in-covers-for-donations-to-WFMU show.  Those guys did a pretty good job, though we won’t be quite this quiet on Friday.

BONUS: We’ll even throw in the quiet version of that other dogged Heaps classic, “The Hockey Team Is Winning Again”:

(complete with some lame “yo mama” jokes at the end).  “Hockey Team” has become not only the traditional belligerent set-closer but also the song with the most versions posted to this blog. Matt’s gorgeous keyboard playing will be missed but we’ve still got a few tricks up our sleeves.



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