got my dial on your wavelength

“It May Get Quiet” starring The HEAPS, plus Tia’s t-shirt

First things first: upcoming Heaps show Friday April 30th @ Tia’s place in Irvine.  It’s doubling as a birthday party for Erin, and here’s the special lady herself taking a crack at Heaps-album Matt’s new song which I’ve presumptively called “Supermarket Sweep It”:

This track is from our recent unconventional reunion session while Matt was in town for 13 hours in between law school and Coachella.  Did I mention his plane got in at 11pm and we live in an apartment complex full of staid families with little kids?  As you may remember, last time we had a reunion jam with Matt, it was in Erin’s car driving on a winding highway in Northern California using the car soundsystem for Matt’s battery powered keyboard and my laptop on my lap to record everything.  I considered something similar for this time, which would have meant driving around Newport Beach and Corona Del Mar on the empty PCH with Ben, Matt, and Tia crammed in the back seat, but ultimately, I wanted us to earn another “inspired ridiculousness” merit badge.

To get around the noise issue, this time, I borrowed an obscure 5-way headphone splitter from my brother and other-project-bandmate Franz and, using amp simulation, had all the instruments running directly into the interface and then straight into the headphones of each band member (plus Tia, who has more than earned her one-of-a-kind handmade HEAPS t-shirt which you can see if you scroll down).  To our neighbors or even anyone who had walked in the room, the only sounds were clicking of Matt’s keys and the soft thumps of Ben’s drum sticks on rubber pads plus very soft singing by Erin & I.

Anyway, the above track was a new one written by Matt that we had never even heard before but it came out really well!  Erin took the lead on the vocals because I wanted to be able to devote more attention to the bass part (not that it helped that much) and she really killed it!  Now the only problem is that we really would need Matt’s skill on the keys to ever play it again!

BONUS: While I tell you about Tia’s t-shirt, here’s another gem from the session, a more methodical take on Heaps-alum Mike’s bristley classic “Divorcee”:

You may remember that I had the idea of making the most loyal Heaps fans custom DIY t-shirts.  Well, for Tia’s birthday I finally got my act together to produce the flagship of the series.  The front came out pretty well: a little stegosaurus reminiscent of one I drew on the actual CD of a copy of our album “Love Dinosaurs Forever“:

If it looks a little choppy, that’s because a cotton t-shirt is actually hard to draw on with a marker–if you don’t use very short strokes, it’s basically impossible.  The back didn’t come out quite as pretty:

(compare with the original sketch)

Granted that I actually did this before the front but man, I was rusty markering on t-shirts.  I had to can the roosters’ speech bubbles because I ran out of room.  My consolations were that (1) things approaching outsider art are hip, and (2) Tia can always keep her jacket on so you can only see the front of the shirt.

As for, “Why a 3-headed rooster?” I can’t exactly explain, but it somehow represents the Mike-penned HEAPS classic “Casual Encounters.”  Next week, I’ll post the “quiet” version of the song which came out really well but for now you can hear the best non-album version on our myspace.


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