at least find me a substitute

Last set of videos from our most recent show.

Here’s another video from the most recent HEAPS show, Erin’s song “Destiny Inn”:

The perceptive among you may notice that something happens 3/4ths of the way through the video.  Franz’s tripod apparently got lazy and I figured why not use that as opportunity rather than a screw up.  It’s not the smoothest transition ever, I know.

In other business, after months of hand-drawing unique designs on CDR copies of “Love Dinosaurs Forever”, it finally occurred to me that I could also make our friends who show up to shows the most often t-shirts in the super DIY style of my halloween-costume-turned-staple Ramones shirt.  The first idea I had got turned into a flyer for our show at Malone’s.  Then when we were in Austin for a week waking up at nearly regular jobpeople times, I was struck by inspiration one morning and jotted a few sketches down.  Here they are:

This barnyard oddity is, of course, singing the end of the first verse of our most popular song, “Casual Encounters” (which has an exclusive non-album version on our myspace).  I figured I could make people shirts based on their favorite of our songs, and this is the one Tia already made herself a t-shirt for at a DIY birthday party, so . . .

Here are some other sketches:

I invite you to notice the impaled heart on the tricerotops’ horn which runs down and forms a bloody tear; as with The Heavens Gates t-shirt I designed for Erin back in the day, I think subtlety is overrated.  The middle one didn’t entirely come off but it’s supposed to be one of those “My child is an honor student at Snootyass Middleschool” stickers.  The bottom design is, I admit, at least partially related to the “Sometimes I like to listen to The Walkmen” t-shirt I bought at one of their shows, but also to those things Avis would really like you to put on your car.

BONUS: Here’s the last of the videos I’m going to post from the show, “Motorcycle Rider”:

This was the big secret weapon from our previous show when Erin played sax in public for the first time but since Ben wasn’t there,  this is sort of the live debut of the song with all the regular band members.  If you listen, you can hear the keyboard on “arpeggio latch” mode.

DOUBLE BONUS:  Here’s yet another video of The Middle Initials (who I’m sure wouldn’t begrudge me their cameo above) from that same night at Malone’s, this time playing their meta-lovelorn song “2002”:

and here they are with their big closer, one of Sebastian’s older songs, “I’m the One I Love”:

TRIPLE BONUS: One more song from Theo Hirsh & the Homos who would like to make out with you no matter who you are:


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