I only seem to put nails in coffins

2 more videos of The HEAPS (& friends) from our most recent show, now with 500% more mutherfuckers

Here’s the second installment of videos from the 02/03/10 HEAPS show @ Malone’s, starting with the swear-tastic reintroduction of our old closer “The Hockey Team Is Winning Again”:

By the end, it’s a little like taking everything out of an NWA song except the swearing.  “Hockey Team” is one of the songs Mike sent us after leaving active duty in the band that quickly became a highlight of the previous line up because of Matt’s bedlamatic piano banging.  We weren’t sure if it could be brought back without Matt but I’m pretty happy with how it came out.  Also, this was the song that presented us with the greatest challenge for creating a radio-friendly version of the last album . . . (p.s. We eventually settled on a mixture of the robo-stuttering and beeping versions that may actually be better than the original–if you want to hear it, you’ll just have to request it from KUCI.)

We’d considered starting the song with a few lines from our friend Sebastian A. Bach’s classic “This Is The Shit” (which you are strongly advised to check out on the myspace of his old band The Bachs) since we were playing the show with his new band The Middle Initials and it’s another song whose chorus is mostly swears but we didn’t quite have time to integrate it.  Oh well.  Here’s TMI playing one of my favorite songs on their self-titled ep, “Still Alone” that night:

I don’t know why, but the song makes me think of The Hospital Bombers from Amsterdam, whose name is, of course, a Mountain Goats reference.

BONUS: Here’s another video from that night: the HEAPS covering “Here Comes Your Man” by The Pixies:

This was a favorite song that we used to do in a medley with the Velvet Undergrounds’ “I’m Waiting For My Man” back when we had Mike and Vernon in the band (as well as playing it at our friend Jonathan’s wedding as The Heavens’ Gates) and we brought it back to play at Verano Day but then ran out of time and had to cut it.  We’ll probably swap it out for a different cover at our next show but it remains one of the tightest arrangements we have.

And lastly, here’s another video from Theo Hirsh & the Homos‘s set that February night:


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