climb the trees and branches of our love to hurl yourself like TARZAN

Movies of songs by The Heaps, The Middle Initials, and Theo Hirsh & the Homos

As promised, here’s video from the most recent Heaps show: the live debut of new song “Cyrano D’Regiment” with two bawdy monologues from Erin:

As you may remember, this song was inspired by an anecdote from Raymond Federman’s TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT, a weird novel that’s weirder than most.  Erin’s monologues in the song are taken from the samples of the letters that “Frenchy” wrote for his fellow paratroopers to their girlfriends and what they wrote back.  I’d like to think that Federman, who recently passed on, would get a kick out of literary smut that he’d written being made into a song–R.I.P.

My brother Franz (who was playing drum machine with us at our show in November) recorded the video but he couldn’t get to Malone’s until halfway through the line up which is a shame because non-attendees won’t get to see the Oaxcan Kings holding their own as a streamlined duo and the Atlantic Line festooning the whole stage in xmas lights.  Both worth seeing another time.  Anyway, we did get video of our buddy Sebastian A. Bach‘s new band The Middle Initials, so here’s “No Unified Self” off their self-titled EP:

And here’s Theo Hirsh & the Homos with “Pretty Dress”:

More videos soon!


4 Responses to “climb the trees and branches of our love to hurl yourself like TARZAN”

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