I Shoulda Said “Outta the Water”

Songs about the movies by the Brothers K (and not the one you’re thinking of)

Last Wednesday’s show was great and I’ll post video of it when I have more spare time to edit it but this week, here’s a new track from the Bros K xmas sessions: “Horrible In Pink”:

Erin and I have been watching our way through the John Hughes movies because I’d only ever seen them on TBS without the swears but the above song was actually recorded during the same Xmas sessions as Star Cat Fence before I’d rewatched any.  For those who care, Franz was making the percusion by looping and chopping up his beatboxing using a Korg MicroSampler and I was looping my guitar and vocals using Ableton’s loopers controlled by a MIDI drum pad I was stepping on very carefully.

“Pretty In Pink” was the one I’d seen the least but it’s the one I enjoyed the most this time around.  In fact, I don’t know if I’ve ever been so sympathetic to the millennial madcap of 80s aesthetics (briefly discussed last week in relation to The Adventures of Pete & Pete)–when he’s introduced, Duckie is wearing round Lennon sunglasses, a Blossom hat, and a suit jacket with an incongruous military insignia sewn on and he basically makes it work.  Even Molly Ringwald who I usually don’t find very sympathetic manages to act like a fairly self-possessed young outsider.  My biggest beef with the movie is its ending and it turns out (spoiler alert) that the ending had to be reshot after the original screening because audiences didn’t want something that made sense.  In the bonus features, Ringwald reveals her own resistance to the original ending on the grounds that she couldn’t convincingly fall for someone without a really rocking bod, but I think it wouldn’t have been hard to come up with a Plan C where none of the principals hook up but you flash forward 6 months and the deserving are doing alright.

Anyway, back to the song: since I hadn’t yet rewatched “Pretty In Pink”, the song is not my particular opinion of Molly Ringwald (even though her pink frankenstein prom dress is the least successful of the movie’s oddball fashion gambits) but rather that of an essayist in TimeOut’s 1000 Films To Change Your Life that I bought my mom a couple of Xmases ago.  The version of the song here is the unedited version where I just did some EQ’ing on the various loops; if this song makes the forthcoming Brothers K album, it’ll probably be cut down to less than half of its length.

BONUS: Here’s another looping jam (this one from the same Thanksgiving session as Lionfish and Get Bent) called “Said Roman Polanski”:

Those looking for a snarky song about Polanski’s trial for seducing a 13 year old will have to wait (a long time, I forecast)–this one was inspired by a mini-essay by Polanski in the same Time Out book about why he prefers to watch movies in the movie theater rather than at home.  The song ultimately doesn’t say that much about why Polanski prefers “safety in numbers” but then again, neither does Polanski’s essay, except that part of the appeal is that you don’t know the people around you.  Perhaps he likes the slight tension generated by the necessity of suppressing your personal freedoms for an hour and a half, or perhaps its the rippling amplification of emotion that threatens to overwhelm critical detachment.

For those who care, my parts of this track were made using the Boss RC-50 loop pedal that I’ve long since returned.  It was a pretty great piece of gear but ultimately my expectations for loop quantization came from Ableton so it made sense to just go back to the source. And yes, I know the vocals are badly overloaded but the recording was made such that my different loops cannot be separated out in postproduction.  It remains to be seen what the new Brothers K performance mode is going to be but I predict that we’ll mix ground-up recreations of some of these new songs with some actual live improvised song construction.


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