a transistor blasts

The HEAPS pay the cost to be The Boss

We’ve got practice tonight in preparation for next week’s show at Malone’s 02/03/10 but here’s a gem from one of our other recent practices: a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “10th Avenue Freeze Out”:

If I sound a little hoarse, it’s because I’d been singing this same song (and a bunch of others) the night before in karaoke.  After visiting New Jersey over the holidays and listening to nothing but the “all Bruce” station on Erin’s parent’s car’s satelite radio, I came back with a weird compulsion to do this song.  Erin was nice enough to indulge me and she even volunteered to alternate between saxophone and keyboards.  From karaoke, I learned that I only actually knew 4 words of the song (guess which ones) so I printed out the lyrics but Bruce really does pack a lot of words in his damn lines in his early period.  Anyway, that was only third take ever of that song for us but I was pretty happy–I almost wish Erin had done the squeaky freejazz bit from the very end throughout the rest of the song but I’m probably weird that way.

(Just what is a “10th Avenue Freeze Out” you ask?  Apparently not even the Boss himself knows (or will say).  The song is a compacted narrative of the rise of the E street band but since it references Clarence but not Little Steven, we figured maybe the title refers to what ol’ Sil got.  For our cover of Bruce’s “I’m On Fire”, check this post.)

Our show next Wednesday should be great. We won’t be playing any Bruce but we will be rolling out some new songs for the first time ever.  Joining us is our old pal S.A. Bach and his latest band The Middle Initials but we’ll also be joined by the spacious indierock of The Atlantic Line and the outspoken acoustic rant of Theo Hirsh & the Homos, plus the TBA sounds of Mystery Band #5.  We visited the venue (Malone’s) last night and it’s a nice space but their dedicated parking lot is kind of small so PLEASE COME OUT AND SEE US but prepare to be creative and check the signage.  21+, no cover.  Our set is at 10:30.

Update: This just in: I made a flyer for our show.

Now you have to come to it.


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