HEAPy New Year

2010 week 1: a video to watch and a video to hear

After a two week break visiting family and friends, ZPS is back with video of the 1st song from The HEAPS’ set from November opening for The Dutchess and the Duke at a show at UCI set up by Acrobatics Everyday:

The song is one of mine called “Stories to Tell” in a substantially different arrangement from the version on our last album (and our myspace) which featured our old keyboardist Matt.  Erin picks up his slack pretty well, and my brother / sometimes bandmate Franz guests on drum machine for our drummer Ben who was out of town.

The video of the show came out well and I’ll be posting more from it next week, but in the meantime . . .

BONUS: Now for something totally different, as you may already know, my brother Franz and I have been making music more often in the last 2 months of 2009 than we had for a while before (all thanks to the intrigue of looping technology).  Here’s video documentation of us creating the new song “Star Cat Fence” from scratch on 12/27/09:

The first thing you may notice is that the video is less, um, “full bodied” than the other–it fits into a youtube video genre aimed at electronic musicians who want to see the details of HOW a given mindblowing sound is created.  For the rest of us, you can put the video on like it was an mp3 and just enjoy the song while looking at other things (like my technical description below).

Franz is using 2 of Korg’s XY touch interfaces: the Kaoss Pad 3 (which I used on the previously posted number “Chicca Chan Chan”) and the Kaossilator.  The KP3 is just an FX unit / looper but the Kaossilator is actually a stand-alone sound generator and so Franz is creating little synth riffs on the Kaossilator and looping and manipulating them with the KP3.  Because the camera is fixed on Franz’s pads, what you don’t see is what *I’m* doing.  Not quite as crazy as the wearing my guitar and bass at the same time I was doing over Thanksgiving, this time I’m playing my guitar through a Korg Mini-Kaoss Pad (which gives it the echo) into the program Ableton Live’s new looping instrument (3 or 4 of them, actually) on my laptop which is being controlled via MIDI through an Alesis electronic drum unit whose pads I am hitting with my foot.  Then I’m manipulating the loops with Ableton’s various FX and occasionally playing live guitar over them.  Plus, the “UFO menace” sound you can hear starting at 1:25 and then repeated throughout is created by my iPhone running the scale-based synth app “Coo2” which my brother got me for xmas.  You know what they say: the family that plays together stays together.


3 Responses to “HEAPy New Year”

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