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THIS WEEK: Bros K + loop pedal + T-Pain style voice box

For my birthday, I got a loop pedal.  Did I mention that my brother also just got a T-Pain style voice processor?  Put them together with Franz’s groovebox and my guitar and bass (worn at the same time) and you get “Lionfish”:


If the bassline of this one sounds familiar, it might be because Franz started this song while the bassline for “Get Bent” (which I posted last week) was still on my loop pedal.  There are a few places where the slowed down loop is conspicuous slightly out of sync with the beat but that just, um, adds to the tension of the song.  It may also remind you of the White Stripes’ “7 Nation Army” but I don’t think it’s close enough for discomfort.

For those who aren’t into musical gear, a loop pedal allows a guy like me to record a bassline or guitar lick or vocal chorus [as in the case above] on the spot and have it play back while I play or record another loop over the top and then turn the loops on off at will.  Over the past couple of years, the occasional Brothers K sessions have tended toward recording lengthy collaborative improvisations and then making additional passes over the top to thicken the sound–live looping is just the logical next step (especially in terms of being able to replicate this type of thing live).  This track was created with the BOSS RC-50 [though we also made some stuff that weekend with Franz’s Kaoss Pad 3 which simpler in many ways and has some great braincrunching fx but designed with a stupid Achilles heel that limits hands-free operation].  I should also mention that Franz is a real space ship pilot with his Electribe which also has its own ways of chopping and repeating his vocals.  prominent loopers include the maddening ease of the poorly named Final Fantasy the band (aka Owen Pallet, the guy who does the strings for the Arcade Fire, Hidden Cameras, etc. etc.), Andrew Bird, and Imogen Heap (no relation).

BONUS: Here’s another new Bros K track called, for now, literally enough “Chicca Chan Chan”:


That one’s made with the Kaoss Pad instead of the RC-50.  To hear some of the interesting electrostutter effects of the KP3, I direct you to around 5:00 of this song.


7 Responses to “mo bros”

  1. Lol at “Imogen Heap (no relationship).” Jealous that you have a loop pedal.

    • Matt, the loop pedals are fun but it’s amazing how shortsighted some otherwise cool gear can be about practical features so I’m considering taking it back for a MIDI foot pedal to control Ableton Live (which had basically shaped my expectations for how looping should work in the first place). Have you had time to keep playing around with Reason?

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