crowd teasers

Hey that's Arnold!

This week the HEAPS will redeem Friday the 13th from that grotty remake!

We’re excited for our set Friday 11/13 opening for The Dutchess and the Duke @ UCI’s Cross Cultural Center.  FB tells people that the event starts at 7:30, the Acrobatics Everyday website says 8pm–either way, we’re the first band on the bill so if you want to see us, be there by 8.  Since we were a late addition to the bill (and UCI is apparently pretty strict about noise curfews), our set is going to be pretty abbreviated, so if you take the arrival time too easy, you’ll miss our whole set and only get to see the bittersweet rolling acoustics of the D & the D (worth your money on their own) and the psychedelics of Greg Ashley.

Here’s a cutting-edge new arrangement of one of the songs we may not have time to play because of the brevity of our set: good ol’ “William Baldwin: a lament”:


What makes this version so exciting/frightening is that my brother Franz, who will be sitting in on percussion for the show since Ben will be out of town, is trying to find the perfect beat while we’re playing and what he comes up with is pretty different from our regular version (which you can hear on our myspace–our #3 most popular because of our pal Joe’s praise of it) and that’s exactly why I want us to play it at the show.  Right now, it’s up against our newish arrangement of “Destiny Inn” which Erin thinks will give us more variety.  I dunno.  Even if you don’t get to hear it Friday, you’ve got to hear it now.

YES THAT IS: Arnold Schwarzenegger as a shirtless tough in the 1973 version of Raymond Chandler’s “The Long Goodbye.”

BONUS: Here’s another old favorite that we won’t have time to play on Friday: “The Hockey Team Is Winning Again,” from our practice last night:


It came out pretty well but Matt’s piano playing really brought something to the song that we haven’t found a substitute for yet.  (that version can be found, yes, on our myspace).



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