you got me listening to love songs sayin’ “That aint true!”

MCA is not impressedHeaps to play show at UCI on Friday November 13th; songs to bring back and songs to let go.

The Heaps have been added to the bill for The Dutchess and the Duke show at UCI November 13th put on by the good folks of Acrobatics Everyday!  The D & the D are great–they’ve got b/g simultaneous vocals (like other great bands) and a slightly off kilter take on rambling and rolling acoustic guitar; “She’s the Dutchess, He’s the Duke” was one of my favorite albums from 2008 and it earned them a high spot on my very exclusive and jaded “bands to bother seeing” list.  The AE folks have been doing a good job of trying to bring UC Irvine better music than the Killers (seems easy but everybody else has dropped the ball) and getting the D & the D seemed to me like the best grab yet–and that’s before I knew we’d be there to sweeten the deal.

Anyway, what better way to celebrate another Heaps show than to post a song not by us!  Here’s “One Thousand Poison Needles” by my old band The Brothers K:


I’m actually pushing to try to get this into The Heaps set, so I guess it’s relevant.  Also, our drummer Ben is going to have to miss the show on the 13th so our percussion will be provided by none other than my brother and sometimes bandmate VJ Franz K (the guy who made the video for my recent Elvis cover) who will be slumming his drum machine skills to playing more straightforward rock beats for us.

WHAT’s GOOD: Last week was a (relatively) busy week for us, concert-wise.  On Thursday, we saw Thee Oh Sees at the Echo with Dan Melchior und Das Menace and The Fresh and Onlys; Melchior was great, with his blues riffs and wry faux-poetry, even if he didn’t play “She’s Incorrigible” or “Stacked Sally Plummer.”  I was pleasantly surprised by The Fresh and Onlys who seemed ‘just okay’ on their self-titled record but strengthened their sound with an organ even though it was played by what appeared to be a homeless Jim Morrison impersonator with a sprained hand.  Thee Oh Sees were awesome as always with Dwyer swinging his high-strapped guitar around like a rife and looking like a little boy who fell in a taffy stretcher.  Then on Saturday we saw Daniel Johnston at the Fonda which was also an experience.  I was already working on a new Dan Johnston cover that will hopefully be ready to be posted here soon, so I’ll save my thoughts on that show until then.  Looking forward to seeing Times New Viking play at UCI courtesy of AE on Tuesday!

BONUS: Here’s a song we’re temporarily dropping from the set in favor of more original material for the AE show: a cover of Springsteen’s “I’m On Fire”:


[Erin: vocals; Ben: percussion; me: guitar (& bg vox that don’t really pick up)]  Previously I posted the off the cuff version of this song we played that one time while Vernon was still around (though it’s not up anymore) but this version is more stripped down.  After this upcoming show, we may expand our ranks a little more.


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  1. […] (Just what is a “10th Avenue Freeze Out” you ask?  Apparently not even the Boss himself knows (or will say).  The song is a compacted narrative of the rise of the E street band but since it references Clarence but not Little Steven, we figured maybe the title refers to what ol’ Sil got.  For our cover of Bruce’s “I’m On Fire”, check this post.) […]

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