your hands and mine will be realigned

playing Carmella

“We have a unique combination and part of it is . . . ‘lack of hands’ and part of it is ‘lack of . . . giving a fuck.'”

aka “down to 3 Heaps but 2 of them sing.”

For our recent set at the Verano Place Welcome Day, The Heaps wanted to play some Erin’s original songs but since we are still at the slightly anemic lineup of just Erin, Ben, and I, Erin had to go back to playing guitar on a few numbers (making a total of 4 instruments that she played in the set since the melodica didn’t get to come out on “Old Palo Verde” and the saxophone has been deemed too explicit for lunching families).  It turned out to be a very good decision.  Here we are playing “Destiny Inn” at  VDay:


[Ben: percussion; Erin: vocals & guitar; me: bass & backup vocals]  You may remember this song from my dub-a-billy cover or from the recorded-in-a-shoe version on our most recent album Love Dinosaurs Forever which featured Jesse’s great lead guitar and the old full 6 piece band BUT I think this is the best recording of the song yet.

WHAT’s GOOD: Fellow gender-balanced simultaneous singers Thee Oh Sees will be playing the Echo on Thursday and we will be there and be excited (Dan Melchior und Das Menace are also on the bill!).  We trucked it out to see Ganglians open for Wavves on Saturday and got our money’s worth despite being late because of some traffic around the 10 interchange; Ganglians were great–shamblidelically charming–Soft Pack were solid, Wavves was decent–lots of energy, especially from the insane drummer, but the constant nagging doubts about whether this should be the headlining act.  At one point, a nearby audience member, irrate from her request for “play Mickey Mouse” being ignored, demanded rhetorically, “What else are you going to play?!”  The hipster honeymoon may really be over.

BONUS: Because we had to cut our Verano Day set short, we didn’t even get to trot out one of my favorite new arrangements, “Timezones,” another old song by Erin reimagined as a duet.  Here it is from our last pre-show practice:


[Ben: percussion; Erin: vocals & guitar; me: bass & backup vocals]  Even though a version of this song appeared on our first album Suitcase!, we never thought to play it live until we were trying to put together a whole set with no swears in it.

[I’ve posted other duets in the past if you need more.]

As you may have heard, because we got cut short at Verano Day, we’ve sworn to play another show this quarter with all the songs we’d prepared for it.  Plus, we will probably add some of the songs with swears back in.  Details to follow.


4 Responses to “your hands and mine will be realigned”

  1. New version of Destiny Inn sounds great. Miss you guys.

  2. Thanks Matt! When are we going to see some new posts on “Songs about the Radio”?

  3. […] and that’s exactly why I want us to play it at the show.  Right now, it’s up against our newish arrangement of “Destiny Inn” which Erin thinks will give us more variety.  I dunno.  Even if you don’t get to hear it […]

  4. […] Matt to have a recording session while driving down a windy Norcal highway, then in the fall we nailed our new arrangement of Erin’s “Destiny Inn” while singing for our supper at Verano Day 2009, then we had a blast opening for The Dutchess and […]

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