you got-ta got-ta reap what you sew

Bud puffsTHIS WEEK: busted bells and severed strings

Here’s a few more rap-less hip hop collages I made a few years ago as part of the original Beat Conflicts project.  First, “JJJack”:


This samples “But It’s Alright” by J.J. Jackson, a song my college roommate Will used to listen to all the time.  There’s no official video of the original on YouTube but you can go there to see a variety of earnest folks performing the song on public access programs and at backyard barbecues.

Speaking of backyard barbecues, since The Heaps’ set at the Verano Welcome Day had to be cut short when the whole event got packed up early, we’ve vowed to play our complete set again this quarter, though at this point we don’t know where or when that will be.  Stay posted.

new occasional feature: BAND NAMES I’ll probably never use:

  • Motorcycle Accident & the Recoveries
  • Sweet Pinyatas

BONUS #1: Though I developed my (at least partially) deliberately choppy re-sampling style on my own, my brother’s old mash up remixes were a big inspiration to me.  He was years ahead of the big mashup internet overexposure, creating dense collages with their own identities instead of just putting the baseline from A with the vocals from B, and unlike the Girltalk nostalgia-fests, he did more than relied on more than contemporary rap vocals and top40 one-liners.  After all that hype though, instead of posting one of his mash-ups, I’m going to post something we did together recently.

Here’s a video for my brother’s new song that I played bass and ukulele (apparently as The Shrapnelles again) on:

Franz and I often do some improv jamming when I visit him and this one just happened to hit paydirt.  Since he’s both an electronic musician and a video projection artist (VJ), his next solo record is going to be a DVD where every song has its own video, combining live footage, DIY puppetry, computer animation, and kaleidoscopic image manipulation.  I’m excited for it.

BONUS #2: Here’s a more challenging collage I made back in college called “MF”:


You win the gold star for the week if you can figure out which Magnetic Fields song provided the sample.


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