you can’t see that much in an elevator

fred makes the leap

THIS WEEK: The Rolling Heaps’ greatest hits vol. 2

Here’s the second installment of the songs Erin, Matt, and I recorded in the car on the way to Joe’s wedding via laptop, ukulele, mic shoved in open AC vent, and keyboard running through the car’s stereo (its last great act, though that’s not the reason Erin just had to replace it).  First, a number without precedent, composed on the terrifying twists of Highway 20 West, “We’re Not Responsible Anymore”:


Matt suggested the chord progression and Erin got the vocals started and then I picked up the stream-of-consciousness duties to help keep Erin focused on saving all of our lives.  In general, I find double fun in listening to my own improv’d vocals because they are at once familiar and alien to me, but the lesson of previous unplanned songs (like “Money Can Buy You Happiness But It Can’t Buy You Love, Ronald” and the bafflingly popular “What More Do Girls Want” aka “C.I.M.P., both of which can be heard on our mypsace page) that an improvisation really needs a singular vocal focus was verified here: there were two minutes of Erin & I moaning inarticulately as Matt and I vamp the chords (generously omitted here), but as soon as Erin came up with “we’re not responsible anymore for going slow”, the vocals just rolled down the mountain with us.

WHAT’s GOOD: Gerry Shamray’s scratchy, sketchy take on American Splendor.

BONUS: Here’s another cover we played in the car: The Flaming Lips’ “Yoshimi vs The Pink Robots”:


This song was a major staple of the original Heaps line up but this may be the first time we really took advantage of the robo-clatter capabilities of the song.


4 Responses to “you can’t see that much in an elevator”

  1. Definitely the better take of Yoshimi.

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