Happily Heifer After

PoMo CampgroundsTHIS WEEK: A Mobile Wedding Feast.

EDIT: More of the recordings from this session now up here.

When Erin and I picked up Heaps emeritus Matt from San Francisco for our friend Joe’s wedding in Mendocino, he had no idea that we had a crazy plan and a battery-powered keyboard in the trunk.  My idea was to have a band reunion (sans our drummer Ben) that wouldn’t get us thrown out of our hotel before the wedding and my plan was to run my recording interface off my laptop’s battery to record my ukulele, the MicroKORG running its output through Erin’s car stereo via the tape adaptor, and a single microphone shoved into the open AC vent in the dash to capture Erin and my singing.  Here’s the result:


[Matt: old-west-saloon virtual piano; me: uke & vocals; Erin: background ‘bum bum bum’s, ensuring our safety by driving carefully]  “Jeremy Fischelburg’s New Life” was a song by Heaps alum and continued songwriter Mike about his cousin–usually I play bass on it and Erin plays uke, but we’re not quite that reckless on the road.

WHAT’s GOOD: Our SF trip was going to be necessarily brief (before the unscripted car trouble kept us there two extra days) but one thing I was really looking forward to was seeing Grass Widow play a generator show at Toxic Tire Beach.  Well, the venue got changed to a deserted street in the warehouse district of Potrero Hill but the show was still great.  Despite playing in between two graffiti’d container trucks with a minimal PA and christmas lights, the three ladies of Grass Widow were able to really nail their intricate three part harmonies.  Anyways, later, at the backwoods bachelor party for the wedding, while drinking Red Seal from a measuring cup, Matt mocked me for relishing the gritty details and how they might reflect on my cred.  Fair enough, but the experience was great for more than its reflected DIY glory: it was very interesting walking up to a crowd of silhouetted strangers and joining in the handful of appreciation of music in an otherwise lonely place.  I’m sure the rest of the attendees were all dressed very hip but the setting erased any differentiation. Oh yeah: the wedding itself was very nice!

BONUS: Here’s another track from our Highway 20 jam session: a cover of Wolf Parade’s “Dear Sons And Daughters of Hungry Ghosts”:


Maybe more of these next week?


3 Responses to “Happily Heifer After”

  1. love the engine noises. and am weirded out by the “possibly related posts.”

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  3. […] and we live in an apartment complex full of staid families with little kids?  As you may remember, last time we had a reunion jam with Matt, it was in Erin’s car driving on a winding highway in Northern California using the car […]

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