now she’s painted out her face over fifty feet

but Egon, what does it MEAN?THIS WEEK: the whistle gets blown on The Heaven’s Gates!  And the Bros K “echo & the bunnymen” tribute!

Since we will be up in Northern California for a wedding this week, I thought I’d post now the standout track from the set Erin & I played at the similarly nuptial ” Zanner mountain affair” with our friend Sterling as “The Heaven’s Gates” a few summers back.  That wedding was held at an old converted lumber camp with a still-functioning cog railroad, and when we got to the part about the ‘lonesome whistle’ in our cover of Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues,” someone blew the actual train whistle.  Until my own wedding, it’ll probably be selfishly the best wedding moment of my life.


[Sterling: acoustic lead guitar; Erin: bass; me: vocals & electric rhythm guitar]  Yeah, the recording is even more lo-fi than usual–it was recorded by a single microphone from across a giant reception hall, so in that light, it’s miracle that it sounds even that good.

WHAT’s GOOD:  Lo-fi pop punkers P.S. Eliot–how come no one thought of that before?  The expressive deep sunken sockets of the computer-generated Bill Murray in the new Ghostbusters game on PS2.  That said game lets a guy carve whatever he likes [see above] in a wall with the ghost hose (though ecto-valdalism is actually pretty tough because it only lets you ‘burn’ so much before addition burns make earlier ones disappear)–too bad it turned out to be just another video game (“Oh no!  The ghost door is locked!  I bet if we shoot those ghosts with the ghost shotgun we can get the ghost keys!”) instead of an actual 1980s Bill Murray simulator with “wise crack” and “innuendo” buttons.

BONUS: The Heaps have finally had our first practice since Matt left for Chicago!  It’s still going to take some more restructuring, but one of the highlights of Practice 1 was a version of my old song “Motorcycle Rider”–the original Brothers K version is on the Bros K myspace page.

The Heaven’s Gates actually also played this song at the Zanner wedding, too, since it was one of Jonathan’s favorites.  It’s a sort of Echo & the Bunnymen tribute . . . even to the point of awkward/gross lyrics.  Hey, we’re not the first band to do that.


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