I try to imagine a careless life

vlcsnap-2089381THIS WEEK: covers by the Heaps that you’ll never get to hear live

I had hoped to have some freshly recording things to share this week but I was unexpectedly productive at my actual work. Instead, here are some more covers by The Heaps that I had lying around.  First, here’s a pretty faithful of “This Is The Day” by The The, repopularized by an M&Ms commercial a few years back:


[Erin: melodica; Matt: piano; Ben: drums; me: vocals & guitar]

This was our first day playing it so it’s not polished, and for you The The fans out there, I had never really payed attention to how the lyrics are supposed to map onto the rhythm of the song so I suspect our that our version has its own unique character. There’s no particularly good reason why we didn’t play this at our last show except that we already had enough covers in the set and I didn’t like playing it on the guitar (though by the show I was playing bass exclusively so maybe there was no excuse).  Since Matt’s piano was such a big part of it (and he was the biggest proponent of playing it), we probably won’t ever play it live.

WHAT’S GOOD: The catchy lo-fi retro poprock of the Box Elders (too bad their new album’s got a stupid cover).  The postpunk saxophone + ranting of the no-wave-y band Blurt.  Orson Welles’ convoluted and apparently desperation-spurred noir “The Lady of Shanghai” (see Rita & doxy above).

BONUS: Another cover that Matt spearheaded: “Scenic World” by Beirut:


[Matt: piano; Erin: flute; Sterling: bass; me: vocals & guitar]

This was actually the first practice after the “classic” Heap line-up with Vernon & Mike dissolved.  It was our first time playing with Matt and our pal Sterling (who Erin & I had played alongside in “The Heavens’ Gates” for that wedding) was also visiting.  This version is also pretty faithful to the original, since Matt had figured out ahead of time what each instrument should do.


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