what if the prize was fool’s gold?

quincy cameoThis week: tonight you belong to Hercules

Here’s a fresh demo of “Punch Lion” (aka Track 01 from my ukulele album about Hercules):


I recorded it on Monday as a test of the beta version of the new “Record” program by the guys who make the virtual-synth-and-drum program that gave the Heaps our trumpet-and-piano for “Stories To Tell” and harpsichord for “William Baldwin” (both on our myspace) and “Black Cab“.  This track features only voice and three ukulele parts (which includes the “drum” sounds) run through various virtual gizmos.  I may drop the “space ukulele” (as Erin calls it) for the final version–I’m still deciding how far the tracks of the album are allowed to stray from plain uke and voice.

The track inaugurates the album’s “story” of the album about a corny Catskills comedian and the young guy paid to edit his joke book for posthumous publication.  And Hercules.

BONUS: I liked the new program but I probably won’t be dropping the prog I know better for it.  The most tempting thing about “Record” for me is the ability to run any sound (like the vocals) through Scream4 distortion, as with this new version of good ol’ “Tonight You Belong To Me” that I recorded after the above:


You probably know it as the song that Steve Martin & Bernadette Peters sing on the beach in “The Jerk” but has also become popular among indie bands who all probably feel like they’re the first one to cover it (Cold War Kids, Josh Ritter, Nobunny).  Well, I’ve been covering it since before I heard any of their versions, so there!  I recorded an actual duet version (where I’m of course both voices) a while back–I’ll probably post it sometime soon.  It’s still pretty skronky.

DOUBLE SECRET BONUS: Here’s something “a little less structured” that I recorded with this new program.  It’s called “Last Gasp Fever”:


Everything here is a mouth sound (looped and run through the various amp simulators and effects of “Record”)


2 Responses to “what if the prize was fool’s gold?”

  1. omg “last gasp fever” is amazing. i especially like the little high parts, where suddenly it’s kinda like a 70s funk song. and i’m of course excited for the uke album!

  2. […] advance of our fall record release, and I may actually make some progress on The Shrapnelles’ ukulele album about Hercules.  Who know?  If something happens, you’ll hear about it here.  (In the meantime, […]

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