blood in their teacups

vlcsnap-6044603This week: songs by Erin played by me

I’d hoped to post some freshly recorded tracks from my various summer projects, but we’re not quite around the dark side of the summer yet, so instead, here are some solo recordings I’ve made of songs by Erin.  First, her surrealist folk song “Rosie Built A Car”:


The Heaps had a version of this song on our first album “Suitcase!” but it is not necessarily the definitive recording since it was perhaps the only time we played it together.  My own version is kind of a tribute to a certain deep voiced, ukulele-loving band referenced in the adlibs of verse 3.  I don’t get to use my lower register that much any more because it’s harder to project in a live setting, but it’s fun.

WHAT’s GOOD (non-exhaustive): Sour gummy worms from Sprouts; just when you think that every sour worm is the same (i.e. great), a health-foody supermarket ups the ante.  The generically-named, pre-Dead Moon, northwestern punk of The Rats. The new lo-fi pop from Best Coast.  The throw-back sounds of The Yolks.  The fact that The Muffs are playing at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach in two weeks.

BONUS: Here’s my rockabilly-meets-dub version of Erin’s “Destiny Inn”:


Erin wrote this for me as a Valentine’s surprise–it combines borrowed lyrics from some of my Brothers K and Dutch Missionary songs with our favorite hotel that we’ve never stayed at, the Destiny Inn which we always see on the 5 freeway when coming back from shows in LA.  My version was recorded the next day as a post-Valentine’s surprise but, given the amount of time I had to learn the song, my phrasing is a bit off and I deliberately shifted some of the rhythms around.  The version on the Heaps’  newest album, “Love Dinosaurs Forever” is more faithful to the original intent (though the sound quality of that version is not as high as our more recent tracks, but I wanted to feature Jesse’s great lead guitar work).

You’ve been warned: both of these songs may return to the Heaps set in the Fall.  Also, my version of Destiny Inn fades out with a vamp on the old Bros K go-to “Darkman” which I’m grooming for a return . . . with saxophone!


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  1. […] Erin: vocals & guitar; me: bass & backup vocals]  You may remember this song from my dub-a-billy cover or from the recorded-in-a-shoe version on our most recent album Love Dinosaurs Forever which […]

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