when the Heaps are away, the Pets will play

vlcsnap-2733169What I’ll do on my summer vacation.

While we’re between Heaps line-ups, Erin and I are planning to work on our couples side project “The Pet Set.”

The Pet Set version of the 17th century pop hit “Lillibolero” that we recorded for UCI’s 2008 Marathon Reading of Tristram Shandy is ON THE PET SET MYSPACE.

Tristram’s uncle Walter is always whistling the song, and every time a marathon reader got to one of these whistling, they’d play that recording (or one of the other remixes of it I made on short notice).  (Also, I’m pretty sure we heard it in one of the scenes of the HBO John Adams mini-series–if you can take 7+ hours of that kind of quivering speachifying, it’s pretty good)

WHAT’s GOOD (non-exhaustive): Paul Giamatti’s performance in “John Adams”; he had me at American Splendor (yes, yes, motion lines) but I feel like this may the role he’s remembered for more widely.  The questionably named Shapes & Size-y band UUVVWWZ–brassy vox and postpunk choppin grooves.  The more harmonious post-Raincoats take on female-fronted postpunk pop of Grass Widow (which is apparently as a popular name).  A couple of the Major Lazer songs (Amanda Blank, what happened?).  That there’s more than 1 app for the iPhone designed to simulate writing on a bar napkin (and once they equip iPhones with projectors, you’ll be able to write the name of that song you were telling someone about on the iPhone, project it onto a napkin, and they trace it out for them!).

BONUS: Speaking of Tristram’s, here’s the lullaby that The Pet Set recorded for our friends’ son ON THE PET SET MYSPACE.  YOU tell me that name doesn’t fit a space captain.

We may not always sound so soothing.  I’ve lent Erin my old saxophone (as you can hear on The Heaps’ “C.I.M.P.” aka “What More Do Girls Want?” [extended knacked-up version available on our myspace]) but we haven’t had a chance to really integrate it into the Heaps sound.  This will be Pet Set job #1 (neighbors beware).  I’m not sure if there will be a distinct “Pet Set Sound” apart from Heaps2009–right now, we basically just play rearranged versions of Heaps, Bros K, and Dutch Missionary songs.  Last summer, we played a set at the central camp stage at Burning Man with just guitar and flute but we’re looking to at least bring a drum machine into the act.  You’ll probably hear some of the results here in the coming weeks.

Next time: What else I’m gonna do on my summer vacation.


3 Responses to “when the Heaps are away, the Pets will play”

  1. juniperjune Says:

    ha! nice picture of us.

  2. […] Zombie Public Speaking « when the Heaps are away, the Pets will play […]

  3. […] Last year around this time, I made lavish predictions about what I was going to do during the summer, and then I got so busy with other stuff that I didn’t do much musically until the fall.  This time I’ll say I don’t know–The Heaps may try to broaden our performance radius to Long Beach, The GREAT PYRMDS (aka The Bros K) may generate some more material in advance of our fall record release, and I may actually make some progress on The Shrapnelles’ ukulele album about Hercules.  Who know?  If something happens, you’ll hear about it here.  (In the meantime, there’s my tumblr of cinematic inanities.) […]

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