the hockey team is winning again–there’s fighting in the stands

Hear the Heaps houseparty here!

Here’s the entirety of our most recent show at Tia’s Houseparty, streaming to your computer:
Vodpod videos no longer available.(If you don’t see a player above this, you can go here for the streaming playlist)

Highlights: Perhaps the best version of “One More Song For Mary” we’ve ever recorded (certainly different than my solo version). New arrangements of “Aberdeen”, “Baby’s Daddy”, “Old Palo Verde” and “The Equality of All Liquors” that aren’t on any of our albums. (“Old Palo Verde” gets a little garbled by random interface static but it’s not that bad.) And every performance of “Divorcee” offers its own gifts. All in all a success–thanks to Tia for having us and everyone who made it out!



5 Responses to “the hockey team is winning again–there’s fighting in the stands”

  1. […] on our cover of Jens’ “Postcard for Nina” [edit: you can hear it as part of the stream from our last show]). The song is based on actual e-mails we sent to Jens Lekman (and one we sent to my favorite […]

  2. […] of my new(ish) creation “One More Song For Mary” [you can listen to it as part of the stream from that show–may be the best performance of it yet], but for now you can listen to the stripped-down original […]

  3. […] own unique character. There’s no particularly good reason why we didn’t play this at our last show except that we already had enough covers in the set and I didn’t like playing it on the […]

  4. […] the hands of any sensible censor.  You can hear the original version at our myspace or as part of the stream of our last show, but I figured I would start us off here with the most bowdlerized version and let you work […]

  5. […] not only the traditional belligerent set-closer but also the song with the most versions posted to this blog. Matt’s gorgeous keyboard playing will be missed but we’ve still got a few tricks up […]

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