filled with space-age design

A Michael Jackson tribute you can rap over

While we were listening to an all Michael Jackson playlist last night (as many probably were), it occurred to me that maybe The Walkmen (or The Heaps) need to cover I Want To Be Where You Are.  Well, on short notice here’s the best I can offer:

“Get With It”:″ (download)

These were beats I made for the original Beat Conflicts project after college but we never got around to putting lyrics over them.  Ultimately, they’re more a tribute to that slick pseudo-disco motown production than Michael’s performances, but thank god there aren’t videos of me dancing around to Thriller as a child to offer as something more honest.  Anyway, here’s another beat entitled “Alarm!”:!.mp3″ (download)

If you haven’t checked out my post(s) on the Walkmen yet, do cause I put a lot of work into them.


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  1. […] a few more rap-less hip hop collages I made a few years ago as part of the original Beat Conflicts project.  First, […]

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