next step: lip-sync on “Top of the Pops”

the H

THIS WEEK: The Heaps promise to meet Jens Lekman at the top

Thanks to everyone who came out to our show on the 30th! We had a blast. If you couldn’t make it and yet read this blog for some reason, you deserve a copy of our new CD “Love Dinosaurs Forever” so talk to me about it and I’ll hook you up.  Above is the first run of CDR copies of “LDF”–if you stare at the picture a bit, you can start to make tetris pieces come out. While you try, here’s a new recording of The Heaps playing Jens Lekman’s “Black Cab” in the meantime:″ (download)

[harpsichord: Matt; flute: Erin; drums: Ben; vox & guitar: me] Our show at Tia’s house marked the last performance of this line-up of the Heaps, but this version of “Black Cab” is the ACTUAL last recording of this version of the group. Even though “Black Cab” has been a band-staple since the original line-up, somehow we never forced Matt to figure out the harpsichord part to it until the last day, so I think it makes a fitting farewell for Matt as he moves on to new musical projects (and financial viability) out in Chicago.

BONUS: “Love Dinosaurs Forever” features a last-minute addition called “E-Mail to Jens” and here it is if you wanna listen while I tell you a story:″ (download)

[piano: Matt; mellodica: Erin; drums: Ben; bass & vox: me] The band only had one session to work on this song, but I’m happy with how it came out (and it gave us an excuse to put on our album the elaborate parts Matt and I had been playing on our cover of Jens’ “Postcard for Nina” [edit: you can hear it as part of the stream from our last show]). The song is based on actual e-mails we sent to Jens Lekman (and one we sent to my favorite pop-punk band The Muffs). The song more-or-less tells what there is to tell about the interactions, but it’s worth pointing out that the link we sent Jens was not the (surprisingly) polished, violin-less track above but a version from the old “2 microphones” days featuring the “classic” line-up with Vernon on violin, Erin on flute, and Mike and I playing guitars.

Also worth noting that John Allison (mentioned in the 2nd part of the Jens verse) is the UK web-cartoonist who does Scary Go Round and is also nice about answering e-mails from fans. The Rogers Sisters were a NY band that I liked and I really did see them play at The Echo back when I was getting weary of dragging myself out to see live music. Unfortunately, their last album was not their best and they broke up. Also, they have a song called “Now They Know” about being too shy to talk to bands that you like.


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