where the asphalt sprouts

HeapsDragonTHIS WEEK: who’s afraid of the Mountain Goats? Also: come to our show Saturday!

We think Saturday’s show is going to be a blast.  Plus we’ll have a new CD to give out.  Of course, that’s meant that I’ve had to spend a lot of time this week figuring out which versions of what songs will go on there and how it will all fit, but that job is almost done.  Here’s a new version of an old hit that I thankfully don’t have to find a place for since it was on the last CD–it’s called “The Equality of All Liquors in the Eyes of God”:

http://www.franzkeller.com/heaps/heapsongs/Heaps_NewLiquors.mp3″ (download)

Even though that one won’t be on the new CD, we will be playing it this Saturday (see above).  The song began its life as a tribute to the Mountain Goats–I was making Mike a mixtape of Mountain Goats songs because his songs remind me of Darnielle’s a bit and the I noticed how often vodka (among all the things that abusive alcoholic couples can drink) showed up in MGs songs, and thus this song was born.  (On a side note: Wikipedia has some very detailed information about how different beers, etc. are born.  It’s like getting in a time machine.)  Like many of my tribute songs, I don’t know how much the product resembles its inspiration (c.f. Aberdeen –> Belle & Sebastian), but I’m pretty happy with how this one has evolved.

BONUS: Here’s the classic line up of the Heaps covering one of my favorite Mountain Goats songs, “Pigs That Ran Straightaway Into The Water, Triumph Of”:

Maybe I just like that it mentions my hometown of Claremont with gentle disdain.


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