a success of a certain kind

clara cutsTHIS WEEK: the Mike Barach effect, plus the name of everything ever.

Here’s a raucous recent Heaps recording of another ‘last song of the night’ (like last week’s offering), a new one from Mike called “Divorcee”:

Mike seems hellbent on making me sing every alarming thing he can think of, but part of what I like about his unhousebroken songwriting is that it seems to license unhinged vocal performances and I’m happy to provide the animal sounds.

WHAT’s GOOD: Clara Bow (above) in the surprisingly funny 1927 silent comedy “It”, cameo by John Waters’ grandfather (below).

BONUS:We had a great time at our show in Pomona last weekend.  After the “real show” ended, my brother (and sometimes bandmate) joined us in some jamming.  Franz and Erin improvised some of the vocals, and we actually ended up with several potential new songs. Erin wants to develop the one I called “In The Palm of Your Hand”, Matt wants to work on “After the Afterparty”, but my favorite was the heartrending “I Swear I’ll Take Care Of You” where Erin explores the affectedly remorseful voice of a boozing, wandering husband:

(Probably soon to be a Divorcee himself) While you listen, [Listen to the trimmed-down version on “Love Dinosaurs Forever”!] here’s an Extra Bonus:  Each recorded Heaps practice is autocratically given a “session name” by me, usually based on some amusing snippet of conversation taken out of context.  Only the band members normally see this stuff, and only if they put the mp3s into iTunes (risking them coming up unexpectedly on shuffle while you’re hosting a party), but now for your edification, here’s the complete list of all the session names so far:

Original Heaps [Sarah, Vernon, Mike, Pat]:
Undress Rehearsal (it was the only practice we recorded, unfortunately)

SHOW: Toga Trouble (warm-up: Give Me Something More Embarrassing / Set 1: In Place, Up and Down if possible / Set 2: Play the First! / Encore: Are You Serious? I Want It Too / Double Secret Encore: When the Toga comes falling off)

Classic Heaps [Vernon, Erin, Mike, Pat; occasionally Sarah]
Thank You and We’re Sorry
Like Waters At Pompeii
The ReHeap
Down One Mike [as The Dry Heaps]
The Heaps in 4D
Like Water For Voltron
Polar Bear Coat
The ThreeHeap
In The Key of X
I Ask You Who Wears Their Sunglasses That Way
Young Sally Fields
Go Blue
You And Two Other People On Horseback
Bad Sestina
Guns! Knives! Stupid!
Today LeVar is the Captain
Thick as Otters
Look Amazon
Gotta See Your ID (Before I Take You Down The Street)
Impossible To Keep Up With
Beware the Momma Bird
Show Them That War Is Ugly
See Ya When You’re Older
It’s A Good Thing To Howl
Rockin’ Under the Tree
You Call Ridiculous, I Call Not-Ridiculous
A Casual Encounter

SHOW: HeapshowII (Trying To Be All Respectable, You Were Boring The Hell Out Of Us / This Night I’ll Possess Your Corpse / Ginger Sez)

SHOW: Heaps By Request (May I Please Have this Hat? / Never Mind The Brickhouse / Will You Still Love Me Tonight)

Modern Heaps [Jesse, Matt, Ben, Erin, Mike, Pat]:
Superband Sunday
Summertime Machine Blues
The Explosion of Little Fingers
Suckers (You Guys)
Slowdown Fake-out Change-ups
The Infinite Chorus
Don’t Fight It: That’s Just The Body Improving
Bodysuit Kinda Money

SHOW: The Return of the Living Heaps

Contemporary Heaps [Matt, Ben, Erin, Pat; occasionally AJ]:
No Longer Wanna Take A Swim In My Clothes
Repeat Until Awesome
Zombie Public Speaking
Do The Monkeydoodledo
Tomorrow Is Satan’s Middle Name
Back Before You Liked Sense
Reviving the Zombies
What If I Just Want The Milk
Are The Sooperbeatles!  XTRM!
I Think There Might Be Another One In There
Mind Over Mammoth
A Success of a Certain Kind

Mathematically Speaking, Your Value Is Zero

Between Tears and William

edit: It’s Not A Disturbance, It’s A Gift

Sun In Blue Neck

After the Afterparty

SHOW: Burn The Hollow Down

SHOW: edit: The Big Rock vs The Big Read

waters sr.


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