return to accidental gold: the dirty version

man with a movie camera in a movie camera

THIS WEEK ON ZOMBIE PUBLIC SPEAKING the blog: more of The Heaps unplanned

Last week, we learned that money can buy popularity but it can’t buy you love until the end of the movie.  This week, we learn that, as Freud said, “Sometimes a pipe is just a pipe, and a camera is just a phone.”  Here’s The Heaps with “What More Do Girls Want?” aka “Camera in my Pants”.

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[saxophone: Erin; piano: Matt; drums: Ben; bass & ranting: me]  This was another spontaneous Heaps song.  I’d lent Erin my old saxophone because it is played the same as the flute (with transposition) and this was our first practice with her trying it out, so don’t blame her. Luckily I’m a big fan of James Chance and the Contortions. Ben and I started playing a grove and then it dawned on me why it sounded familiar.  The eagle-eared and shameless among you may notice that it wasn’t just The Knack’s “My Sharona” that popped into my mind.  Eventually I moved to what else is on my mind. The “rant around a phrase” method has been productive for me before on some of the (yet to be released) new Brothers K tracks and I was pretty happy how it served me here, though some of it was just mental and physical exhaustion from a long practice.  At the end, the slight jingle is me tossing away the keys that I’d been using to strum the bass.


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