accidental gold

rudy on fireTHIS WEEK: improvised music with words that doesn’t go on forever.

Most of the Heaps songs are written by single members and then brought to the band for fleshing out, though sometimes the collaborative result is much better than the original conception (see “Stories to Tell” on our myspace page).  Occasionally, we do just play around in a given key, and even rarer, sometimes I come up with something to say in the microphone without premeditation worth hearing .

And so I give you “Money Can Buy You Popularity, But It Can’t Buy You Love, Ronald”:

now on our myspace page

This improv’d hit-single with the classic line-up [violin: Vernon; flute: Erin; acoustic guitar: Mike; electric guitar & vocals: me] was inspired by a poster for the movie “Can’t Buy Me Love” in Vernon’s living room.  I mean, you look at that and then tell me how old you think those actors are.

WHAT’s GOOD: The new St. Vincent songs; I liked the last one but I didn’t really feel like going back to it often–this one “paints the black hole blacker.”  The last half on hour of “Paris, Texas.” Deteriorating filmstock (when, you know, there’s nothing else that interesting about a movie).

BONUS: We’ve posted a new “current line-up” Heaps recording of the Erin-sung, me-wrote “Private Paths” on our myspace for your gender-balanced enjoyment.  Previously, we cheated a little and posted the original recording with Vernon and Mike (found on The Heaps’ “Suitcase!” album) on the myspace page for The Pet Set (our couple’s sideproject) so that people at Burning Man would know what it sounds like when the rock and hard place sing together.


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