lots of trouble, lots of bubbles

colorless strip

THIS WEEK: 2 new recordings of originals on our new myspace page, plus a song about a certain kind of lobster.

First all, The Heaps are on myspace now, and if you bother to read this blog, you should probably be our friend.  And we’ve posted 2 new originals there:

(1) STORIES TO TELL: Another story song from a questionable narrator from me.  It’s basically the horatio alger story of this band–the song that I never thought we’d be able to play brought to new vicious life through everyone’s collaboration.  [trumpets & piano: Matt; flute: Erin; drums: Ben; vocals & bass: me]

(2) WILLIAM BALDWIN, A LAMENT: As far as I can tell, it’s a drunk’s channel stumble through a visionary TV set.  Mike wrote it a while back, and some form of it will be on our next CD. [harpsichord: Matt; flute: Erin; drums: Ben; vocals & bass: me]

In other news, Tia’s throwing a house party on Friday May 29th and we’re going to playing at it!  It’ll be the relesae party for the follow up to Suitcase! Mark your calendars–details to follow.  We’re probably also going to be playing a show in Pomona on Saturday May 16th.

BONUS: As if those 2 originals weren’t enough, we’ve got a cover of “Rock Lobster” for you as well:

http://www.franzkeller.com/heaps/heapsongs/Heaps_RockLobster.mp3″ (download)

[organ: Matt; guitar: AJ; drums: Ben; bass: me; vocals: me & Erin]


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