Anarchy in the UK(ulele)

aka “I give a wrong time, stop a traffic line!”

the kid

THIS WEEK: The Heaps cover “Anarchy in the UK” with ukulele and harpsichord, plus my very own garage punk election anthem (a few months late).

To kick off a new run of Zombie Public Speaking, here’s The Heaps covering the Sex Pistols’ “Anarchy in the UK”:″ (download)

(virtual harpsichord: Matt; flute: Erin; drums: Ben; uke & vox: me)  My only regret is that I left out the “I wanna be anarchist, I get pissed, destroy!” coda.  Erin and I developed this arrangement with flute and uke as part of our “Spirit of 1976 Walking Jukebox” routine for Burning Man ’08, but this was the first (and only, so far) time we got the rest of the band involved.

WHAT’s GOOD (post-break edition): A guy in a cow costume for no reason except for the obvious one.  The food at Burma Superstar. The frenetic bass player for 70s UKpunk coelacanths The Homosexuals (who we saw in SF over break [yes, yes, Erin already made that joke]) who ran around, played lead riffs on his upper strings, and sang back up (the rest of the band was great, too).  Alexis Kanner (see picture above) as the mute shootist phenom from an episode of “The Prisoner.”

BONUS: Here’s a garage punk song I made a few years back called “Babykisser” ON THE DUTCH MISSIONARY MYSPACE PAGE.

I woulda posted it during last year’s presidential campaign but I hadn’t started this blog yet.  The song was part of my “Dutch Missionary Records” project (which I’ll say a bit more about on a later date) and credited to “The Alligator Tears.”


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