all I know is I gotta give um away

bob and frank

THIS WEEK: the electro rock of the late Brothers K.

SONGS: “Matchupichu [sic]” and “Hand Model”

Before I was in The Heaps (and before my solo Dutch Missionary Records project), I was part of The Brothers K.  Here we are with our biggest hit ever “Matchupichu [sic]”:″ (download)

Though we both appreciated Dostoyevsky, the name choice was pretty literal: it was me and my brother Franz (who runs a gallery in the Pomona Arts Colony and also works as a semi-pro VJ and electronic musician on the side) and our last name begins with K.  While I was away in college and Franz had returned to the Inland Empire, we made 2 albums of cut-and-paste electro-rock through a combination of visits and e-mail (before The Postal Service, my brother is fond of pointing out); when I returned to So Cal for grad school, we made one more album of songs geared for live performance (because now we were finally going to be living in the same part of the state) but then he shortly moved up to the Bay Area himself with his then-girlfriend and other-band-mate.  He’s back again but we’re still both so busy that the band has remained in hibernation.  Anyway, the songs I’m posting today are from that more “crowd ready” album, but the Brothers K. story does not quite end there: now that we each have performance outlets for our more conventional songs, we’ve been compiling (at a leisurely pace) some more experimental, improvisational pieces from various visits for a new album some time in the next year.

BONUS: Here’s another late-early Bros K. minimalist subversive ditty, “Hand Model”:″(download)

WHAT’s GOOD (non-exhaustive): The Munsters’ Fred Gwynne as sizable gangster “Frenchy” Demange in Francis Ford Coppola’s otherwise middling 1984 movie “The Cotton Club”; see him above opposite Bob Hoskins (of unframing Roger Rabbit fame) for a skewed height comparison.



3 Responses to “all I know is I gotta give um away”

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  2. […] time at our show in Pomona last weekend.  After the “real show” ended, my brother (and sometimes bandmate) joined us in some jamming.  Franz and Erin improvised some of the vocals, and we actually ended […]

  3. […] or 2 people [to be my side projects with Erin ("The Pet Set") or Franz ("The GREAT PYRMDS" aka "The Brothers K")]).  Anyway, since I make screencaptures anyway–and I have specific visual interests (like […]

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