I’m A Hurly-Burly Piece of Meat

aka “you can’t win ’em all.”


SONGS: the newest Beat Conflicts track “Casa Blanka” plus a “simultaneous duet” of  Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m On Fire”

It’s been a while since I posted any hip hop, so here’s the freshest (read: “newest”, but I dunno, you tell me) Beat Conflicts track, “Casa Blanka”:

http://www.franzkeller.com/heaps/heapsongs/CasaBlanka.mp3″ (download)

This track was made through an international internet collaboration with good ol’ “Praxis aka Theory” who is still stationed in France, and yes, it’s about the legendary arcade game “Street Fighter 2.”  Capcom was sponsoring a contest for remixes of the various background musics and sound FX from the game, and fresh off the success of our song about bicycles, we decided to give it a shot.  Suffice it to say, we didn’t win–I’m starting to think that perhaps that electronic music contests are looking for something other than homebrewed hip hop–but it’s got us thinking about making some more new music, which is a good thing.

P.S.- I’m going to start taking down old tracks to make room for new ones next week, so if you don’t know yet what Kim’s voice sounds like or what Bob Dylan would sound like as the fifth Beatle, find out soon!

LAST WEEK’S BONUS POINT: That “slob” is from (perhaps the most over-rated movie ever) “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” where they apparently required nine of him to complete the movie.  (we’re talking about the cat)  2 more fun “B@T” facts for you: (1) The 2 disc special edition includes a featurette called “Mr. Yunioshi: an Asian Perspective”, which is hopefully just a dude shaking his head for 20 minutes.  (2) At Target today, there was a sign indicating that they were all out of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” DVDs for $11 as advertised, but were willing to offer in its place Mel Gibson’s “Apocalypto“–enjoy!

P.P.S.- Using the “categories” pull down menu on the right side of the main page, you can now follow your favorite Heaps members across the posts where their performances appear.  A little weird, I know.

BONUS: Here’s another “simultaneous duet” that didn’t fit in last week: a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m On Fire”:

This is from the last regular meeting of the classical Heaps line-up back in July ’07 (Vernon: violin; Erin: vocals, NJ lore; Mike: drunken threat; me: vocals & guitar; Tia: asking me what I want to drink at 0:49).  Mike didn’t actually kill Vernon (but where is he then?).  This isn’t Bruce’s most intricate song, but it’s been a favorite of mine since our friend Matt (different Matt) did it in karaoke.

so, WHAT’s GOOD (non exhaustive) this week?: Picasso’s “Woman with a Mandolin” (see above).  (It turns out that both Picasso and Braque made a bunch of paintings with this title which you can buy as a poster on-line, and yet this is the best one.)  The 6 panel illustration of Snoop Dogg’s rise to fame that had been apparently submitted as an assignment in a Santa Ana high school class and posted with pride on the wall (panel 5 out of 6, I kid you not: “Snoop expands his fame by adding ‘izzle’ on the end of everything”).  The self-titled “Shapes and Sizes” album–still.  They’re basically doing what Islands and the Fiery Furnaces think they’re doing but better and no one cares.  Eclectic and micro-epic, cute but cold, surreal but with shape.  If only there second one was as good.



3 Responses to “I’m A Hurly-Burly Piece of Meat”

  1. That’s an awesome painting; I love her totally serious expression. And, that Snoop cartoon sounds pretty amazing. Was there a panel about totally murdering a dude and writing a hit song about it? I started listening to your best of Snoop & Dre tape yesterday in my car & was amused how the first three songs (which are all I’ve gotten to so far) have the exact same background music.

  2. Being a school assignment, there was no panel on “murder was the case.” There WAS a panel where Snoop (drawn, of course, as a taller version of Snoopy in a flannel jacket and hat) meets Dr. Dre (who is drawn wearing a doctor’s mask) and they shake hands. But nothing about selling “213” tapes out of his trunk. It was not a very carefully researched 6 panel comic.

  3. […] (who are WHAT’S GOOD this week) so that’s awesome.  I’m a sucker for bands with boys and girls singing at the same time–it’s like what if Kurt Cobain was a hermaphrodite with a deviated […]

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