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THIS WEEK: “simultaneous duets”

SONGS: the Heaps cover Rilo Kiley’s “With Arms Outstretched” and Greenday’s “When I Come Around”

This week the theme is “simultaneous duets.”  Here’s one of my favorite Heaps tracks ever, the classic line up (Erin: vocals, Vernon: violin, Mike: acoustic guitar, me: electric guitar & vocals) covering Rilo Kiley‘s “With Arms Outstretched” from their pre-falling-off-a-cliff album “The Execution Of All Things”:

http://www.franzkeller.com/heaps/heapsongs/WithArmsOutstretched.mp3″ (download)

I’ve always thought that Vernon’s violin and Erin’s voice were particularly gorgeous on this track.  Also, it really emphasizes the rhythmic role of the rhythm guitar back before Ben started playing drums with us.

(BTW: I’m getting the idea that ‘the frug’ is just a vague scaffold that other, more well-known dances are built from . . .  If you actually watched the Rilo Kiley video linked above, you’ll probably also want to see a 5 year old dancing to the song for 1 minute)

Last week’s bonus point: Bob Dylan’s “All You Need Is Love” + The Beatles’ “Don’t Think Twice (It’s Alright)”.  Wait, I got those switched.

Say, where’s that poor slob from?

Here’s another simultaneous duet: a transitional line-up of the Heaps covering Greenday’s “When I Come Around”:

This was back on Superbowl Sunday 2008, the first session after the dissolution of the classic line up.  It was Matt’s first time playing keyboards with us and we had good ol’ “Pearly” Gates (of our wedding-one-off The Heavens’ Gates) in town playing bass (not pictured) and guitar.  This was the only time we played this song and we probably don’t remember how to do it again (Tia) but I think the boy-girl vocals and piano compliment each other pretty well.

WHAT’s GOOD (non-exhaustive) this week: Erin’s black bean soup.  The jump-to-splits overkill of the Nicholas Brothers in “Stormy Weather.”  The Carey Mercer (of Frog Eyes) songs on the new record by Bejar-Mercer-Krug supergroup Swan Lake.  The “Mother Twilight” album by Faun Fables.

Until next week.


5 Responses to “3:37”

  1. Which songs are you calling the Carey Mercer songs? It’s harder to tell on this album than it was on Beast Moans. Definitely Warlock Psychologist, which is great. How do you feel about the rest of the album? I’m not sure yet myself.

  2. Spanish Gold, 2044
    Warlock Psychologist

    I haven’t spent that much time with it, really, but I liked the whole thing a surprising amount. More than their three individual offerings (Rubies/RandomSpiritLover/TearsOfTheValedictorian), none of which I ended up spending much time with either. I think the thing is that they each have a way of singing with utter seriousness (and sometimes life-rending histrionics) phrases that, on the surface, are ridiculous. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is a thing.

  3. That last point is really on the mark (Bejar singing “No suicide” comes to mind), though so far I’ve been more thrown off by that quality of their singing than attracted to it. There were definitely moments on the album that I really liked, though, and knowing me, I’ll probably come around.

  4. As far as “the serious delivery of ridiculousness”, it seems like post-Folk Dylan would be a place for comparison. As much as I love that about him, the movie “Walk Hard” did a good job sending it up.

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