It Takes A Long Time To Control Myself

aka “less blah blah, more lah lah”.

the troubles of virginia o'brien

Wherein the blogger promises himself to spend less time pontificating.

SONGS: the Heaps play an organic mashup of Dylan & the Beatles plus a cover of Weezer’s “Say It Ain’t So”

In the interest of keeping down the amount of time it takes to write (or read) this blog, I’m going to avoid the temptation of proclamation from here-on-out.  I mean, I’m a guy who routinely puts off reading Dinosaur Comics because it’s too wordy! From now on, it’ll be just posted music and a little weekly feature (inspired by the charming “Reasons To Stay / Reason To Go” on McKenzie’s blog)  called “WHAT’S GOOD (non-exhaustive)”, because who wants to hear about what’s bad?  So for example, last week I might have said, “Rye Manhattans.  The dead-pan delivery of character-actress Virginia O’Brien (see above).  NOW HERE’s the Heaps playing “‘All You Need Is Twice’.”  Speaking of, now here’s the Heaps playing ‘All You Need Is Twice’:″

(Sarah: cello, Vernon: violin, Erin: flute, me: acoustic guitar & voice, Joe: background vocals at the end)

For this week’s bonus point, what are the two pop songs being mashed together in “All You Need Is Twice.”  Man that’s easy!

LAST WEEK’S BONUS POINT: “When was the last time Barbera Streisand cleaned out your garage? And when it’s time to do the dishes… where’s Ray Bolger? I’ll tell ya! RAY BOLGER… IS LOOKIN’ OUT FOR RAY BOLGER!” from the episode where Homer briefly pals up with (now messily divorced) Alec Baldwin and Kim Bassinger.

this week’s installment of WHAT’S GOOD: Bruce Leroy’s brother pop-locking to escape from ropes in “The Last Dragon.”

BONUS: Not to give you the impression that we only cover Weezer songs, but here’s the Heaps playing “Say It Aint So”:

(Jesse: acoustic guitar; Matt: piano; Mike: acoustic guitar; Ben: drums; Erin: vocals; me: vocals & electric guitar on the chorus)


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  1. […] room for new ones next week, so if you don’t know yet what Kim’s voice sounds like or what Bob Dylan would sound like as the fifth Beatle, find out soon! LAST WEEK’S BONUS POINT: That “slob” is from (perhaps the most […]

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